Stories from other Schuhplattlers

Schuman sent us this story Dec 28th, 1998… we published it in
the December 1999 newsletter to all past and present members:

The idea of
starting a Schuhplattler group originated with Dr. Horst A. Schmid
in 1968, at that time proud partner of the Hofbräuhaus on 97 Street
and 102 Ave. in Edmonton. So four families started practising at
the Hofbräuhaus Sunday mornings: Dr. H.A. Schmid and wife; Messrs.
Rose and Hermann Klinke; our instructor and long time member of
the Calgary group, Mrs. Margund van Huystee; and Messrs. Renate
and Dieter Schuhmann.

The idea was, of
course, to perform on weekends and create a special entertainment
feature for the Hofbräuhaus. The Mader, Holzhacker and Watschentanz
were the first dances performed. Die Stimmung und Gemütlichkeit
was unheard of in Edmonton, and 2-3 weeks advance booking was required
to get in on weekends. With Mr. Polka and TV personality Gaby Haas,
the Hofbräuhaus was the establishment in Edmonton to have good German
food and fun.

Prior to the
first few performances, we were all quite nervous. And so during
the Watschentanz performed by Dr. H.A. Schmid and myself the incredible
thing happened, you guessed it right, I hammered Horst with a heavy
right hand. His black glasses flew across the dance floor, we were
both stunned and stopped dancing. After the first shock, picking
up his glasses, checking his face for broken bones, and the applause
and laughter of a full house, we continued and finished the dance.
Ever since, Horst and I made sure that we had the right rhythm.
Now we laugh when we talk about it, and I thought, you might as
well too, and share this little episode with you.

stories to come…