Heimatabend 2003

Heimatabend 2003 – The Good, The Bad & The Plattlers

For 2003’s Heimatabend we decided
to put on a Western based theme evening. We drew our inspiration
from the good old tradition of the “Spaghetti” Western
and created our own version: the “Spätzle” Western.
Our story began where the movie “The Good, The Bad and The
Ugly” ended…

and the bad met again, but this time the bad robs
the good of the gold and hides the treasure in a mine. Unfortunately
the law catches up with him and he gets jailed. Years later a bunch
of miners find the treasure. The bad, just released out of jail,
sees his gold gone. But he finds it in the local saloon where a
bunch of Schuhplattlers celebrate it’s finding. Cunning as the bad
is he poses as investment advisor and gets the gold back from the

With the women of the Schuhplattlers not so happy
about the stupid investment the men try to get the gold back. Desperately
they turn to the good who lives his life as a drunk in the saloon.
With a big dance duel to the tune of the duelling banjos out of
the movie “Deliverance”, the good defeats the bad.

of the evening were the Can Can performed by our girls, the Mader
that featured 14 couples from the kid and adult group in one big
circle, and the Plattler duel to the music of the Duelling Banjos.
Premium Akkord, straight out of Calgary,
provided excellent dance music throughout the evening.


The show was a big hit with the audience,
but we will work hard to bring you another great Heimatabend next
year. We have already a lot of ideas…

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